My new jacket

Yesterday i bought a new jacket. From topshop. And i think im in love with it.
The color of it is marinblue, and inside of the jacket its red checked.

I dont know if om gonna keep it. Actually i bought a jacket last year, so its kind of unnecessary to buy a new one this year. Specially not a expensier one.

Bring Me The Horizon - 17/10

I've forgot to tell you about the consert at Saturday.
Dan and I was at Brewhouse here in Gothenburg to see Bring me the horizon.
It was awesume!
Yet, we saw them in the summer at Metaltown, but it was so hot that day, so we listened at them far off.
So now they got our whole attention, and they deserve it.
Unfortunately the limit for the consert was 13-years old, so the whole area was full of teenager. So we did notice.
Everybody got colored hair and thoose tightest jeans they can find and everyone just MUST take a smoke between the bands ..bla..bla....
Thank God for the limit for alcohol, there you got at least a space from all the teenager.

In the end of the consert bring the singer Oliver up the fans to the stage. And the all kids ran up too the stage, and the band disapeared.
Now i just look forward to december when im gonna see In Flames and Killswitch Engage.

Weddingtons... for now.

Here im gonna try to write everything in english.
Just to practise.
So im gonna try translate everything im writing in the ordinary-blogg.

Today i'll study, study, study.
It's quite boring, but i've too.
About 3 weeks, we gonna have our big test.

BESIDES! it's snowing here in Gotherburg right now.
Quite amazing, it's just october? Shouldn't the snow comming around december? At christmas-time ?

And for all of you who doesn't know about my waddington-fetish.
I've seen august looking for flowered weddingtons.
I've been looking for a long time. Over Internet, in every store in Gotherburg (it feel like that anyway).
Of course i have found weddingtons, but not thoose i got in my mind.

Guess what happend when in this weekend?
I searching around on Internet at the same time i looked at the tv.
Then a advertise came from Lindex, then i get the though maybe they got some weddingtons ?
Haha, and i found some leopard-patterns weddingtons, looked quite well, so it was like "plan b".
Later on my searching moving on and i landed on Kappahl's webside.
Guess who's visited Kappahl yesterday ?
Guess who's got new weddingtons ?
Guess who's was happy ?

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