Bring Me The Horizon - 17/10

I've forgot to tell you about the consert at Saturday.
Dan and I was at Brewhouse here in Gothenburg to see Bring me the horizon.
It was awesume!
Yet, we saw them in the summer at Metaltown, but it was so hot that day, so we listened at them far off.
So now they got our whole attention, and they deserve it.
Unfortunately the limit for the consert was 13-years old, so the whole area was full of teenager. So we did notice.
Everybody got colored hair and thoose tightest jeans they can find and everyone just MUST take a smoke between the bands ..bla..bla....
Thank God for the limit for alcohol, there you got at least a space from all the teenager.

In the end of the consert bring the singer Oliver up the fans to the stage. And the all kids ran up too the stage, and the band disapeared.
Now i just look forward to december when im gonna see In Flames and Killswitch Engage.


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